I'm Joe.

I'm currently a senior product designer at Hasbro Games with a passion for learning and play. If I'm not tinkering on a project I get incredibly antsy, so I always have a few things going on at any given time.


  • Providence Candle Co. started off as a hobby and turned into side business. I produce bespoke candles with branding dedicated to history and culture of Providence, Rhode Island. You can find my candles at a handful of small retailers in town!
  • Frames is my ongoing music project capturing everything from sketches to demos to film scores. I have casually played guitar since age 12 and have picked up music production in programs like Logic Pro and Fruity Loops along the way. 
  • I'm building a fully featured cocktail arcade cabinet powered by Raspberry Pi! Photos coming soon!


I love music (currently blasting: American Dream by LCD Soundsystem)

I love film (recent favorite: It Follows. Favorite foreign: Tarkovsky's Stalker)

I love video games (currently playing Horizon: Zero Dawn)

I love reading! (almost through 'But What If We're Wrong?' by Chuck Klosterman)

On Sundays, you can find me unplugged from technology out riding my bike.