Smart jr: Go Beyond the board

Smart Games reinvents the traditional board game experience for today’s 5-7 year old kid by incorporating immersive digital interaction and fresh narrative experiences. Play is guided by the hands-on, passable hub. Characters and board spaces come to life, and it’s never the same experience twice.

Concept, 2015

Smart Jr. is based on 4 core elements: Deepening narrative through audio storytelling, easing the confusion of what to do on a turn by guiding a players move, introducing exciting minigames, and INTERRUPTING the status quo with game changing events. A flowchart w

Mini-games are woven throughout gameplay and played on the passable hub. Below is a visualization of a whack-a-mole style game, which is initiated when the player lands on the Skate Park property in Monopoly Jr. The player is challenged to master skate moves to the beat. If the player succeeds, they can collect one star.

Various form factors were explored for Smart Jr.  Ultimately a hand-held hub was chosen to develop further.

A rough form was mocked up in foamcore to for human factors testing.