Glitch: A mobile game that literally goes viral.

Glitch is an augmented reality experience that addresses the challenge of creating a meaningful digital and physical play system. Like many good games, it stars with an engrossing story: Imagine a universe in which a universal source code has been discovered -- and cracked. The source code is now slowly corrupting, and code has taken a life of its own in the form of Glitches. You have created a special Decoder that allows you to find these Glitches out in the real world. Pass through an area with a Glitch and your decoder will be infected by it. View and battle the Glitch using your iPhone and try to capture its' source code. It's up to you to discover how to fix it the universal souce code, or use the glitches to your own advantage.

Concept, 2014

Once players have caught Glitches in the real world, they can bring them into the app to customize their Glitch codes. Players may then access the Universal Network to view all of the current Corrupted Nodes, battling from the outside in until the path to 'Mother Brain', the source of the corruption, is clear. Thousands of players participate in the battle to decode the 'Mother Brain', and participating players earn valuable code snippets used for upgrading their Glitch for the next corruption event.

Players may also use their Glitches to take on other players in the real world. Glitches can be downloaded back into the Decoder unit, and taken out during the day. If a player's glitch senses any nearby decoders (using low energy Bluetooth), it will infect the nearby Decoder unit. The infected unit will then begin to broadcast the infected Glitch's source code. A Player's Glitch will remain infecting units until every instance of it has been decoded or blocked - at which point, the Player will receive a digital Packet delivered to their iPhone letting them know how many Decoders their Glitch was able to infect, and how much source code it had retrieved before being decoded. This source code currency can be used to upgrade the Player's other Glitches.