end-to-end product designer focused on user experience of digitally integrated ecosystems

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I am a multidisciplinary designer with a foundational rigor in design thinking and years of hands-on experience creating complex game ecosystems at Hasbro.

My design philosophy is simple: good design improves lives. Whether I am designing and play testing Hasbro's next big social gaming experience, helping Design Museum Foundation evolve their exhibit and event branding, or sketching out wireframes for an app concept, I believe that design has the power to unite, educate, entertain, and improve lives. Let's work together to make a positive change in the world


selected PROJECTS


a new kind of therapy designed to inhibit the progression of alzheimer's disease by promoting neuroplastic growth in the brain.

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Speak Out app

A digital expansion pack for one of 2017's best selling games

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An induction cooktop smart surface for the modern kitchen



a digitally integrated game that literally goes viral


Simon Vader

You have failed him for the last time!


Risk: Civil War Edition

It's Captain America vs. Iron Man in the search for the Winter Soldier!